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Month: February 2016

Sophia according to her friend Djoeke

‘Sophia is my best friend, we’ve know each other ever since we were 6 years old. She is a very social, strong, cheerful, outgoing and humorous girl who is always up for fun things. She is passionate about  her studies and has great perseverance. When she has set herself a goal she will do anything to achieve it.  She also has a very positive outlook on life, which I think is really beautiful. She’s a very special friend.’...

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Sophia according to her friend Jip

‘My friendship with Sophia is enormously important to me. She is one of my very best friends, we have been close from a very young age.  I don’t know anyone who has such a positive view of life as Sophia. And only when everyone around her is happy, is she happy. And she’ll do her utmost to achieve that. A very special quality. Sophia always has good advice about how to deal with certain situations. It’s great  to pour your heart out to her, she gives you a very warm feeling and I really value that.’...

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Sophia according to her friend Shanice

‘Sophia is one of my dearest friends. I would describe her as a spontaneous, cheerful, mad, adventurous, outgoing, sweet and beautiful girl. One of the nicknames I often use for her is ‘Soph ice’, the joke is that she calls me ‘Shan ice’. She is a creative person who often comes up with original and clever ideas and does her utmost to achieve her goals. With Sophia you can always have fun and experience spontaneous moments. It’s never predictable with her. She is someone who is alway up for a party or a fun girls night. A night where...

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Background information about disappearance

  FACTS AND DATES On August 30th 2015 we waved Sophia off from Amsterdam airport. The next day she arrives in Kampala. She will be doing an eight week internship in a hospital and after that she wants to travel through the country for a few weeks. On November 10th we would welcome her back. She is very pleased that the Bachelor of medicine diploma ceremony will be November 13th, as we are  all able to attend. Prior to her departure Sophia and I, her mother, had talked about me coming to visit her. My daughter’s stay in Uganda...

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Description Sophia

Age: 22 Length: 1.76 cm Hair colour: dark blonde Colour eyes: brown/green Particularities: Because several pieces of clothing are missing in her luggage it is not clear what Sophia was wearing when she went...

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