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Author: Familie

Back to Uganda

Dear All, It has been silent for a while. Despair sometimes wins the battle with hope but we keep trying to do what we can to go forward. We will not and cannot give up on our Sophia. The search that took place in early May has not given us any true answers. Sophia has not been found and is therefore still missing. We do not know if our questions will ever be answered. But we do what we can. We have no choice. Accompanied by Max (our son, Sophia’s eldest brother), I (Marije) travelled back to Uganda in...

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Update search

Dear all, The forensic search team, lead by Frank van de Goot, has returned from Uganda. They have not found Sophia. Based on their search, their findings and information received from local police the team assumes that an accident happened in which Sophia wound up in the river, with fatal result. At this time all information gathered by the search team is being put together in a report. We have a lot of questions, especially about the information provided by the local police, in some cases information that is entirely new and for that reason leaves quite some question...

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Investigation into the case of Sophia Koetsier, missing in Uganda, possibly on hold due to insurance company’s refusal to guarantee costs of search

Amsterdam – April 27 2016 – After months of discussion, it has become clear Sophia Koetsier’s travel insurance company interpret their obligations under policy differently than expected. Sophia has a contract with a travel insurance company in which a search operation in case she goes missing, is explicitly covered. This is based on the condition the search occurs in cooperation with the authorities. This base has been covered, as both the Dutch and the Ugandan authorities are cooperating with the team. In spite of these facts, the insurance company is refusing to guarantee costs of the joined investigation.

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Update preparations search Uganda

Many of you will wonder what exactly that money is needed for. This is a justified question, five months after her disappearance. When asked ‘why are we still searching?’ Sophia’s parents, Gerard and Marije’s answer is simple: ‘Because Sophia has still not been found and we have no idea what happened to her!’

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Find Sophia Foundation established

At the request of the Koetsier family the Foundation Find Sophia –IBAN NL34 RABO 0169 9179 32- has been established to collect funds in order to finance a search operation to find their missing daughter Sophia Koetsier. Sophia went missing on October 28th 2015 at Murchison Falls, Uganda.

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