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Foundation Find Sophia
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The Netherlands

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1096 BC Amsterdam
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Name on the account: Foundation Find Sophia
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The ultimate nightmare for every parent, all over the world; your child goes on a trip abroad and doesn’t  return home. For us this nightmare became a reality on October 28th  last year. On that day our lovely daughter Sophia, who turned 22 on December 7th, went missing in Uganda.
As long as we receive no proof to the contrary we maintain our belief she is alive. We must do everything that is humanly possible to find our daughter. The insecurity we live with, day in day out, is devastating. Doing nothing is not an option.
We want to go back to Uganda, accompanied by experts, to continue the search for our daughter. Rather today than tomorrow.

Can you help us with a donation? Can you ask other people to do the same?

Our gratitude is immense.

Koetsier family