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Month: February 2016

Find Sophia Foundation established

At the request of the Koetsier family the Foundation Find Sophia –IBAN NL34 RABO 0169 9179 32- has been established to collect funds in order to finance a search operation to find their missing daughter Sophia Koetsier. Sophia went missing on October 28th 2015 at Murchison Falls, Uganda.

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Who is Sophia?

Sophia Koetsier Sophia turned 22 on December 7th. She was born and raised in Amsterdam. The eldest child and only daughter. She has two younger brothers. An enthusiastic, attractive and ambitious young woman with a true zest for life. In 2012 she receives her European I.B. diploma (with a double science profile) from the Vossius Gymnasium in Amsterdam. Her ambition to become an actress is traded in for that of becoming a doctor. She passes  the entrance exams and starts studying Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. She passes all her exams and this past summer obtains her Bachelor...

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Sophia according to her friend Tugba

‘Sophia is very lively, she truly enjoys life. Always photographed with a big smile. The life of the party, often at centre stage. A striking personality. “Laughing is healthy and good for your stomach muscles”, she often says. She is not afraid of anything or anyone and always up for trying something new. She’ll work really hard to achieve her goals, a true go-getter. Very open minded. A friend you can always rely on for advice and support. This past summer we travelled together for ten days, I wasn’t bored for a second. She has many plans for the...

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Sophia according to her friend Merel

‘Sophia is sweet and funny. She doesn’t care what other people think and does exactly as she wants . She never has any prejudices about people, she gets along with practically everybody. I’ve never met anybody who didn’t like Sophia, at the most they’d find her a little off beat but for me that’s one of her qualities and one of the reasons I’m happy we’re friends.’...

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Sophia according to her friend Merel M

‘Sophia is sweet, funny and outgoing. She is a friend that you can always have fun with and at the same time will give you real support when you need it. She is very opinionated and will have no one tell her what to do. This I find one of Sophia’s most attractive qualities. She taught me that it’s fine to be a bit off beat and that you really don’t have to care about what other people think of you. Sophia never has any prejudices about people, she gets along with practically everybody. I think everybody would want...

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