Sophia is 29 today

Today, December 7th of 2022, it is 29 years ago that Sophia was born, at home in Amsterdam.
A lovely baby who turned from pretty little girl into a beautiful young woman.

And then she disappeared, far away from home.

The pain caused by her incomprehensible absence has no bounds.
As far as it can be expressed in words, we have not found better ones than these:

The world is strangely empty without you

There is so little left in it

The sky is always so annoyingly blue

Why? What’s the point?

The blackbird is softly singing in a tree

For me he doesn’t have to bother

The world could be full of happiness, but now:

Empty, without you

Annie M.G. Schmidt (1911 – 1995)


Many people have come to know Sophia by watching her TV portait.
And many of those sent us their reactions to it, all of them very positive.
Some wrote how they really would like to meet Sophia and very telling was this reaction:

Everyone, including viewers who did not know anything about this, will understand why you will keep fighting for this wonderful daughter and sister’.

And that is what we shall continue to do: fight for Sophia.
If nothing is sure, everything is possible.

Marije Slijkerman
Gerard, Max en Jan Koetsier

The TV film about Sophia can be seen here:

It will be broadcast on NTVU, the largest TV network in Uganda, on Sunday December 11th, at 10 pm.
Around 9.20 pm an short introductory feature will be shown.