Sophia’s TV portrait broadcast on Ugandan TV

On Sunday December 11th Sophia’s TV portrait, as made by Dutch public television, was broadcast in Uganda at 10pm by NTV Uganda, the largest TV network in the country.
A short news item was to precede this documentary, serving as an introduction, to give context to viewers. It was planned to run around 9.20 pm.
However, viewers at home waited in vain. The introductory feature, made with great care, did not run as scheduled, which was very disappointing to many, including us, as a lot of work had gone into it.
It turned out this mishap was due to misunderstandings and an inexperienced NTV newsroom manager.

The item was eventually broadcast on Friday, December 16th, in the 9 o’clock news bulletin. But without being followed by the documentary it was actually introducing.
Comments by police spokesman Fred Enanga had now been added.

Parts of what Mr. Enanga said had already been communicated on September 6th in the daily Ugandan newspaper The New Vision. This article mentioned various new approaches to several unresolved high profile cases, including Sophia’s mysterious disappearance.

Fact is that no investigation into Sophia’s disappearance has been as extensive as the current one, started in mid-April of this year, although it is deeply tragic that it took 6,5 years to get there.
Mr. Enanga’s comments follow a voice over stating that the family of Sophia have not been informed of any findings up to now. This is correct.

One of the reasons I returned to Uganda yet again, in November, was the hope I would learn something about the investigative team’s findings.
I did receive a short document listing activities undertaken by the team, but this was known to us already. It is also true that I was finally introduced to part of the team, during this trip. Unfortunately it was arranged very last minute, shortly before my departure to the airport to fly home.

According to the Oxford dictionary:
Finding: information discovered as the result of an inquiry or investigation.

This was not shared with us. It is puzzling why Mr. Enanga would dispute this.
We hope we will be informed soon.
And most of all, we hope to find Sophia.
We thank everyone who is helping us to achieve this.

Marije Slijkerman
Gerard, Max en Jan Koetsier

The NTV item can be seen here:
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The full TV portrait of Sophia can be seen here: