Sophia according to her friend Shanice

‘Sophia is one of my dearest friends.
I would describe her as a spontaneous, cheerful, mad, adventurous, outgoing, sweet and beautiful girl.
One of the nicknames I often use for her is ‘Soph-ice’, the joke is that she calls me ‘Shan-ice’.

She is a creative person who often comes up with original and clever ideas and does her utmost to achieve her goals.
With Sophia you can always have fun and experience spontaneous moments. It’s never predictable with her. She is someone who is alway up for a party or a fun girls night. A night where we, for example, go out for dinner, go to the movies or have a sleepover.

But most of all, I enjoy the very long talks we have, until late into the night.
I hope we can do this again soon.’