Portrait of Sophia on Dutch Public Television

‘Break Free’ is a popular programme on Dutch Public Television about young adventurous Dutch people who travel to faraway countries but meet with tragedy on their journey.
An accident, a fatal medical condition, or they go missing.
The last episode of this season is about Sophia and her mysterious disappearance in Uganda.
It was broadcast in the Netherlands this evening and can now be seen on the Dutch Public Television online channel NPO Start. It can also be seen by subscribers to NPO Plus.

As soon as we have a link to an English subtitled version we will put it on this website.
This version is expected mid-October.

The picture above the text shows the announcement in a Dutch TV guide.
It reads:

After her internship in a Kampala hospital in 2015, 21-year old Sophia Koetsier decides to travel through the country for two weeks. But on the sixth day she goes missing and nothing has been heard from her since.
Her mother and brother try to find out what has happened.