Sophia’s TV-portrait with English subtitles

A version with English subtitles of Sophia’s portrait in the Dutch TV programme ‘Break Free’ can now be watched here:

In case your area does not have stable network please try this:

‘Break Free’ is a popular programme on Dutch Public Television about young adventurous Dutch people who travel to faraway countries but meet with tragedy on their journey.
An accident, a fatal medical condition, or they go missing.
This last episode of the 5th season is about Sophia and her mysterious disappearance in Uganda.

The link will take you to the website of Dutch broadcasting company BNN/VARA.
It is possible that you may first get the question if you allow the use of ‘cookies’ to allow the site to work optimally.
Click the ‘v’ and then ‘voorkeuren opslaan’ (save preferences).
Hit ‘play’ and then the ‘full screen’ symbol at the bottom right corner.

It is also possible you get a notice in Dutch (white letters on black screen) that the programme cannot be played with your browser and they recommend using Chrome.

Very sorry about possible obstacles in watching but please try and find a way as they can be overcome.

The people talking about Sophia in this 40 minute film are:
In the Netherlands: her parents, Marije and Gerard, her brothers Max and Jan, her friends Djoeke, Shanice and Merel, her fellow interns Jasmijn and Cas and her former teacher Alexander.
In Uganda: her friend Joan, her colleagues Christine and Josephine and her housemate Bernard.

For those who prefer to watch with only Dutch subtitles underneath the English spoken parts:

Both links should be free of Geo-restrictions. There have been some problems with that but we have learned that in most countries the links do work. If problems persist we recommend the use of a VPN with server in The Netherlands or Belgium.