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Sophia met kinderen in Oeganda

Dear all,

Money is still needed to organize a search for Sophia Koetsier in Uganda.

Many of you will wonder what exactly that money is needed for. This is a justified question, five months after her disappearance. When asked ‘why are we still searching?’ The answer of Sophia’s family is simple: ‘Because Sophia has still not been found and we have no idea what happened to her.’
A heartbreaking reality.

Investigating a missing person abroad is complicated. The  idea of simply booking a ticket and then carrying out a search seems obvious. If only. Sophia’s family lives day and night with the devastating uncertainty about her whereabouts and how she is. Nobody is more motivated than they are to board a plane and start searching, rather yesterday than today. But they also realise that a search, such as is being planned at the moment, is a complex operation that needs thorough preparation. All risks need to be covered. Not only Sophia’s safety is at stake, but that of the whole search team and the family itself.

In a developing country like Uganda, where superstition and poverty are common, security measures have to be taken into account when arranging transportation and accommodation. Because we have no clue as to what exactly happened to Sophia after her mysterious disappearance on October 28th, all scenarios are possible. ‘No conclusive evidence has been found to allow any conclusion to be drawn’, according to forensic pathologist Frank van de Goot.

‘In fact, you have to start the investigation all over again’, says Nikki van Passel who is helping  the family organize the search. Start at the beginning. The spot where she disappeared. How do you go about this? To start with you have to make an overview of all the facts that have been established thus far by all those who have been involved in the investigation. A time consuming job that should eventually lead to an action plan. ‘You want to do this right in one go and not arrive on the spot with a team that doesn’t have the correct expertise and skill’, says van Passel.
Besides that you should look at the possibilities for investigation here in the Netherlands.

We are now about halfway towards the target amount we want to raise in order to conduct a safe search. Before the tickets can be booked there are a few hurdles to overcome. We realize that every day that passes, is three too many and months too late.

Please help us find Sophia, share this message through social media. Support Sophia’s family by drawing attention to her situation. They cannot do this on their own. Every donation is welcome and badly needed.

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