Update search

Dear all,

The search team, lead by Frank van de Goot, has returned from Uganda.
They have not found Sophia.
Based on their search, their findings and information received from local police the team assumes that an accident happened in which Sophia wound up in the river, with fatal result.

At this time all information gathered by the search team is being put together in a report.
We have a lot of questions, especially about the information provided by the local police, in some cases information that is entirely new and for that reason leaves quite some question marks.

Sophia has not been found therefore she is still missing. For us, her parents and her brothers, friends and family, that remains a given.

We want to process all information in peace and quiet and be able to ask our questions.
Aside from this we want to reflect on what we can, want and must do further. For us the mystery of Sophia’s disappearance has not been solved en we cannot and will not simply assume that she is no longer alive. Evidence has not been found.

Our objective has always been to do everything that is humanly possible to find our lovely and intensely missed Sophia. That objective remains unchanged.

We want to extend our gratitude to all those who have supported us thus far, donated generously or helped in other ways. We are deeply touched by all the support we have received until now from many people, known and unknown to us.

Marije Slijkerman
Gerard, Max en Jan Koetsier