Sophia’s disappearance on TV in Uganda

On July 5 I returned home from my tenth journey to Uganda.
As with each of my journeys, new contacts were made, including with Ugandan media. There was an extensive interview with the ‘Ugandan Oprah’ Karitas Karisimbi. She has a popular talkshow ‘The Chat Room’ which is aired every Sunday at 8 pm, followed by the 9 o’clock news.
The interview was broadcast on June 30.

I have done my utmost, again, to get people out of the tunnel vision that was created practically immediately after Sophia’s disappearance. A tunnel that only leads to ‘fatal accident’. Quickly jumping to a ‘conclusion’, not bothered by too much knowledge, or the so clearly present inconsistencies.
Conveniently producing an end to a story that has no end.

Just a few days after my return home, my mother, Sophia’s grandmother, passed away.
It is intensely painful that she will never see Sophia again. That Sophia will never see her grandmother again. An intelligent woman who never had a chance to study and who was so proud of her granddaughter who went on to study Medicine.
Shortly before Sophia left for Uganda she went to see her grandmother, who was coughing quite a bit. Sophia said: ‘When I come back, granny, I will bring my stethoscope with me and I will listen to your lungs extensively’. She will never be able to do so anymore.
At our final farewell to my mother I promised her that I will do everything within my ability to bring her granddaughter home.
A promise I fully intend to keep.

Below a link to ‘The Chat Room’ broadcast of June 30, 2019.
After a short general introduction of about a minute the host introduces me, her guest, in the studio.
Please click the triangle in the centre.