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Author: Familie

Four years without Sophia

October 28, 2019, marks four years without Sophia. Our lovely, smart, strong-willed, lively, cheerful, ambitious and beautiful daughter and sister. It is unreal, incomprehensible, unacceptable and unbearable. It is said that time heals all wounds. This is not true, not here, not for us. On the contrary, our wound only seems to hurt more, as time passes. And how else could it be with this deep wound caused by Sophia’s disappearance? A disappearance shrouded in mystery and surrounded by miles of question marks. Four years of despair, fear and insecurity about what could have happened to Sophia. Four years of struggle...

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Sophia’s disappearance on TV in Uganda

  On July 5 I returned home from my tenth journey to Uganda. As with each of my journeys, new contacts were made, including with Ugandan media. There was an extensive interview with the ‘Ugandan Oprah’ Karitas Karisimbi. She has a popular talkshow ‘The Chat Room’ which is aired every Sunday at 8 pm, followed by the 9 o’clock news. The interview was broadcast on June 30. I have done my utmost, again, to get people out of the tunnel vision that was created practically immediately after Sophia’s disappearance. A tunnel that only leads to ‘fatal accident’. Quickly jumping to...

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Sophia’s disappearance in Ugandan papers

Early April an American tourist and her driver were abducted in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. This park is situated to the south of Murchison National Park and borders Congo. A demand for ransom was made. After five days both victims were released. The Ugandan media then carried a number of assurances by various officials that Uganda is a safe tourist destination. Something I don’t really doubt but what pained us is that no one, nowhere, even said anything about the young Dutch tourist who disappeared in Murchison National Park, over three years ago, under puzzling circumstances. Were...

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Sophia is 25 today

Today is Sophia’s 25th birthday, her fourth birthday in incomprehensible absence. She was born at home, on an early Tuesday afternoon in 1993. Her father and I remember that moment as if it was yesterday. Our firstborn, a head full of dark hair, big dark eyes, wide open. Barely fully born, she looked us straight in the eyes, as if she wanted to say: ‘Well, here I am’. And there she was indeed, loud and clear, a personality from the start. We named her ‘Sophia’, a beautiful name, Greek for ‘wisdom’. Who could ever have thought that one horrible day,...

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Three years without Sophia

October 28th, 2018 Three years ago Sophia disappeared and the ongoing nightmare started. Three years of devastating insecurity, a daily confrontation with a forest of question marks, a sea of puzzles. It is, for example, unclear what exactly happened between Sophia’s arrival at the very low budget location and her disappearance. Who were present there that evening, who came and who left? We don’t know. What is clear is that the investigation that took place, especially in those crucial first few days, left quite something to be desired. One can wonder how useful it is to rope off a...

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