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Author: Familie

Sophia turns 27 today

Today, December 7th, Sophia turns 27 years old. A girl goes missing. A piano stays silent. Lives in pieces. The pain is immense. We miss her so very, very much. Seven times around the earth, If need be on hands and feet, Seven times to greet that special one, Who is standing there laughing, waiting, Seven times around the earth. Seven times across the sea, Barely clothed, what would it matter, If I could only bring that person back. Seven times across the sea- Seven times, to stand together again. after Ida Gerhardt (1905-1997) Marije Slijkerman Gerard, Max en...

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Five years without Sophia in various media

Amsterdam, 29 October, 2020 How we wished yesterday would have been a perfectly ordinary day. A normal day, with Sophia coming home from a day at the hospital, filled with animated stories. A normal day when our children’s most pressing question would be: ‘What’s for dinner?’ A normal day when we, a family of five, would eat dinner as a complete family. A normal day when we would discuss our day, the news, and other things on our minds. But it wasn’t a perfectly ordinary day. We don’t have such days anymore and we can’t take anything for granted...

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The fight continues

With the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, and Deputy Ambassador of The Netherlands, Joris van Bommel On April 28 it was four and a half years ago that Sophia disappeared and a bomb exploded in our lives. We are still sitting amidst the rubble. No, it does not get better, and no, there is nothing to process or to accept. Yes, we maintain hope and do what we can to find the truth about what happened to Sophia and where she is. It is a fight, in which we have important people on our side, but also those whom...

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Sophia is 26 today

Today it is 26 years ago that Sophia was born. A beautiful child that came into this world with a head full of dark hair en big dark eyes that were wide open. The hair did not stay dark but the eyes stayed wide open, literally and figuratively. This 7th day of December has been a day full of joy for twenty two times. A day of celebration, gifts, a table full of friends, laughter. For the fifth time now it is a day of sadness, despair, pain, uncertainty and also fear. What happened to Sophia? Will the day...

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Four years without Sophia

October 28, 2019, marks four years without Sophia. Our lovely, smart, strong-willed, lively, cheerful, ambitious and beautiful daughter and sister. It is unreal, incomprehensible, unacceptable and unbearable. It is said that time heals all wounds. This is not true, not here, not for us. On the contrary, our wound only seems to hurt more, as time passes. And how else could it be with this deep wound caused by Sophia’s disappearance? A disappearance shrouded in mystery and surrounded by miles of question marks. Four years of despair, fear and insecurity about what could have happened to Sophia. Four years of struggle...

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